Hi, You have reached my website! I am Tarusha Mittal. I have been an entrepreneur and a podcaster combined- for more than a decade and a half! I work primarily in deep tech, fintech, web3, and storytelling.  

Here is what you will find on this site :

So, Welcome to my world of blockchain innovation, representation, learnings, and insights as an entrepreneur and a podcaster. I am currently at the helm of dapps.co- as the co-founder. We are building for the current wave of web3 and solving for adoption.

“Living on Blockchain,” is where I explore the depths of web3 with key industry players and it is my podcast.

Beyond building companies, I’m passionate about mentoring startups and investing in the future as an angel investor, shaping the next wave of tech pioneers.

Through my blog and digital creations, ebooks, I share my passion for technology and my mission to empower women and other entrepreneurs, in this field.

Discover my journey in speaking engagements and media appearances, where I voice my insights on technology’s future.

Let’s connect and collaborate to drive forward the tech revolution. Your ideas and my expertise can create something extraordinary.