Understanding the Bitcoin ETF

The world of cryptocurrency investment has reached a new milestone with the introduction of the Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF). This development marks a significant shift, blending the innovative world of digital currencies with the more traditional realm of stock trading. I would like to talk about -what a Bitcoin ETF is and its implications for […]

Keeping the Momentum Post-January 1st: Small Steps to Big Change

Keeping the Momentum Post-January 1st: Small Steps to Big Changes As January unfolds, the initial rush of New Year’s resolutions, especially the flood to fitness centers, becomes a common sight. Yet, the real challenge begins when the excitement wanes. How do we maintain momentum? How do we continue to stride towards our goals when the […]

To a better 2024-A Journey of Reflection and Renewal

As the calendar turns, it’s a natural time for introspection and discussion about the past year’s journey. Many share their proudest achievements, yet it’s also a time when some might feel a sense of unfulfillment, reflecting more on missed opportunities and unmet goals than on successes. If you find yourself pondering over losses and what […]

My Mistakes as a Founder Post-Fundraising

Raising funds for your startup marks a pivotal moment, a testament to the potential investors see in your vision. However, the celebratory phase is often short-lived, and the subsequent journey can be a treacherous one filled with pitfalls. Today, I want to share some personal mistakes I made after fundraising and finding a semblance of […]

The flip side of entrepreneurship- The negatives enumerated.

A little bit of fair warning, I would not be doing anything else but what I am doing,now- hustlin’. Take this in the right spirit for every coin has 2 sides and I have tried to show you the flip,as well. Always remember,that no matter what you read- the only thing that can propel you […]

Don’t compromise on your mental health, fellow entrepreneur.

Nobody and nothing is bigger than you. This is something that I have felt very strongly about since the time I started battling depression, anxiety and insomnia for the second time in my life. A general sense of anxiety and stress has become of a part and parcel of almost everyone’s life — But I can speak […]