To a better 2024-A Journey of Reflection and Renewal

As the calendar turns, it’s a natural time for introspection and discussion about the past year’s journey. Many share their proudest achievements, yet it’s also a time when some might feel a sense of unfulfillment, reflecting more on missed opportunities and unmet goals than on successes. If you find yourself pondering over losses and what could have been, you’re not alone. The new year brings a chance to shift your perspective and embrace a mindset of growth and positivity.

Everybody decides on their scale and goals, you can, too.

Here is what I am doing to set myself up for a greater year than the last.

  1. Accepting that it is ok- It is ok, that you did not achieve all the goals that you had set for yourself.
  2. Grieve for the year passed- It is okay to be a little unsettled at the end of the year, thinking that goals were not met, things were lost, and people passed. Grieve for what you have lost and accept, however begrudgingly so that you can move past it, moving past does not mean, letting it go, but making space for it, keeping it beside you as a reminder, so that you can use this information to be in a better footing.
  3. Take stock – there is an overused concept called the wheel of life.
  4. Do a simple review- If you must, then ask yourself, the following questions and set yourself for a better year than last.
  • What added joy to your life in the last year?
  • What did you lose in the last year?
  • What would you like to change in the next year?
    Make a list of 10 goals.
  • Cross out the 7, take 3, and make them your quest for the first quarter of the coming year.
  1. Now, let us make a plan- if you want to achieve certain things, what you measure, grows. So, to that effect, let us create a plan for daily tasks, what you do every day tends to compound every time. Small movement adds up.
  2. Financial Goals- If you are someone who is looking to do better financially in the coming year, then it is the time to perhaps, take stock. Create a simple Excel sheet, and monitor it weekly, what you measure, grows, remember that.
  3. Just believe that it will get so much better and go with the flow.

Happy New Year!

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