I’m T.

Welcome! I’m Tarusha Mittal, a passionate tech entrepreneur and a prominent figure in the blockchain space. My journey in technology began in 2009, and since then, I’ve co-founded several successful ventures, including Dapps.co and UniFarm, and played a pivotal role as the COO at Cloudrino.
**Trailblazing in Blockchain and Fintech**
My entrepreneurial spirit led me to establish ethx, one of India’s first Ethereum exchanges, which rapidly grew to amass over 950k users. Following this success, I co-founded Oropocket, a fintech platform on blockchain, and UniFarm, a novel web3 platform for group farming and staking. These ventures have marked significant milestones in blockchain and fintech, showcasing my dedication to innovation.
**Podcasting and Thought Leadership**
As the host of the “Living on Blockchain” podcast, I engage with key industry players, exploring the nuances and future of blockchain technology. This series has become a respected voice in the blockchain community, highlighting my commitment to sharing knowledge and insights.
**Awards and Recognition**
My efforts in the tech industry have been acknowledged with numerous awards, including the BRICS I-WELA Award in IT and Innovation, the DST Grant by the Government of India, and recognition from IIT Delhi. I was also a finalist in Anita Borg’s Women Entrepreneur Quest and received the Woman of Exceptional Excellence award from the WEF in Cairo in 2020.
**Empowering Women and Angel Investing**
A key aspect of my career is empowering women entrepreneurs. I’m involved in various accelerators and programs, guiding women in business and technology. As an angel investor, I have supported over 40 startups, fostering growth and innovation in the tech ecosystem.
**Educational Background**
I hold a degree from the Institute of Company Secretaries of India and completed my schooling at Apeejay School. This foundational education has been instrumental in shaping my analytical and strategic approach to business and technology.
**Speaking Engagements and Mentorship**
As a speaker, I’ve participated in prestigious events like TiE Expo and Headstart, sharing my expertise and experiences. I’ve also conducted blockchain workshops at institutions like NPTI and Amity University. My focus on mentoring early-stage women entrepreneurs reflects my commitment to nurturing the next generation of tech leaders.
**Connect with Me**
Let’s collaborate and create a future where technology empowers and innovates. Join me in this exciting journey of technological exploration and entrepreneurial spirit.