7 quick ways to tweak you day!

So,it is a normal day where you are buzzing around following your routine. Let us face it,the drudgery does get to you at some point. We start working on auto-pilot.

What if you wish to break the monotony as you fear an existential crisis is about to hit you?

Here is what I would suggest:

Go take a walk outside or just step outside for no reason at all.

Do you know why this works? However corny,it might sound,the air and sunshine helps. It seems to right to perspective. Life seems a little more bearable when you realise the expanse around you. Walk on the grass. Take a deep breath. Fill in your senses and be grateful for the fully functioning miracle that you are in this huge universe.

Write down a grateful list.

Jot down all the things for which you are grateful. It can be anything but make this list and see how it warms the very cockles of your heart. Perhaps,I should have started this post with a disclaimer,read only if you wish to bring about change in your day.

Make yourself a cup of tea.

Steeping tea,might not seem big but it can be just great just have tea or coffee post brewing it. Soothe your frazzled nerves by sipping on some piping hot beverage,for good measure- pull out a sudoku, a crossword puzzle or a comic book. Colouring books for adults are a fad,nowadays,too.

Time you enjoy wasted is not wasted.

While a little time away. Stop acting like you are perpetually on a roll. Here is a brilliant list of places online where you can just be.

Speak to someone.

Speak to an old friend- share anecdotes and make plans to meetup. Chuckle a tad with a frenemy- show off a little bit and feel better (Disclaimer,this can fire back) Lastly,if nobody is coming to mind,check YourDost or 7Cups.

Dance. Meditate. Sing. Shower.

Whatever rubs your happiness nuts,do that. Dance like Meredith. Meditate like Erlich on pot. Sing sans a care or just scrum yourself clean. Therapeutic.

Build something with your hands.

Cook or bake if you — unlike me- like cooking. Try getting down and dirty with gardening or pottery making. Code and build a website for yourself- a project dedicated to self. Learn Origami using Youtube or knit. Knitting can have therapeutic effects,as well. The sense of accomplishment would be great.

These should help in giving you a distraction or making you see the larger picture. Either way,it should aid in cutting down the craziness and stress that life of an entrepreneur brings.

What do you do to tweak your day?


(This was originally posted on Hustlers – a forum- and then on Medium -Jun 21, 2016)

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