Launching a podcast

I have launched a podcast called Living on Blockchain.

I want to explain why we are doing so here.

There are some things that I realised once I started working in the blockchain space as against just being an investors/hodler.

I realised that blockchain like any other sector in its infancy was becoming insular, people used a lot of jargon and lot of it was thrown around just to throw people off.

It became about us versus them as against mass adoption, there were chain splits, and the meagre number of women in this space were drowning in the sausage fest that mostly all spaces tend to be.

A lot of misinformation is being spread in the name of crypto and as with any new movement, the first to utilise the system are not necessarily doing it for the noblest of reasons.

To elaborate- when they started with telegrams, they were misused, when consumer-facing internet started gaining ground, it was used by criminals and when VOIP became a utility — there was/is voice phishing.

The media has not been kind or investigative. They tend to not fact check but spread rumours and FUD, because a) the banks and the institutions that are going to be disrupted with this tech are scared and b) change is always feared and looked at with suspicion.

The need of the hour is that blockchain and crypto become digestible. What i mean by that is that for mass adoption and to truly further this movement — one needs to be spreading and sharing information so that the movement is inclusive and not just a tech that nerds or traders use.

Living on Blockchain is all about inclusion.

Inclusion when it comes to information, gender and utility.

The disruption in any field or power centre has to happen after every 30–40 years, and that is what BTC and blockchain are doing.

No movement can garner speed, adoption and innovation without inclusion.

Here is to doing just that.

Let us start living on blockchain.

(This was posted for the first time on Medium, Jul 3, 2019)

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