29th Revolution and Learnings!

What is it about birthdays that make for a good list?

Is it just me?

Okay, do not point it out.

Image by Ryan McGuire, Pixabay

Here is a quick list. Take what you want from it, leave the rest. This is at the top of my head, good stuff to remember to avoid suffering a little bit, in the long run.

  1. Things are never really as bad as they seem, there is always a lesson, a silver ling or an experience that moulded you.
  2. It is important to have a semblance of a routine in place. It is easy to fall off the wagon and just do the bare minimum.
  3. It is important that you have your goals — in front of your eyes, every day. Look at them, let it dictate your habits.
  4. All professions are hard, all life decisions can be tough. We should all aim to thrive. There is no point in believing that you have it harder than the rest.
  5. Watch what you consume. This is pertinent for food, any kind of content- the works.
  6. Have the right mindset, work on educating yourself beyond your formal education.
  7. Family is the most important thing.
  8. Sleep. Being tired is not a badge of honour.
  9. It is hard to not be affected by everything that is going around in the world but it is important to have a safe sanctum. Find it for yourself, you will be happier for it.
  10. Be kind to yourself. Talk nicely to yourself. Stop self-sabotage.
  11. Take one day at a time but keep the larger goals in from to you.
  12. Adopt a pet or five. It is life-altering.
  13. Figure out who your tribe is — bffs, friends -know and have your tribe.
  14. Read. Books are available in multiple formats now. Consume, but not more than you create.
  15. Write/Create. Find something that gets you creative.
  16. Cliched but — travel. Travel indigenously, travel abroad, travel to relax, travel for just the heck of it. Find your favourite city.
  17. Asking for help does not make your weak.
  18. Your choices define you and there is no one size fits all manual on how to live life, so do what is good for you.
  19. There is no race. Stop measuring your results against other’s and especially by using social media as a yardstick.
  20. Love is immensely important.
  21. Find an exercise form that does not seem like exercise to you.
  22. Have a wealth oriented mindset.
  23. Be kind. Always.
  24. Be open to new ideas
  25. Be open to how people respond and react — that is not on you. You cannot let their response define you or put you in a bad mood.
  26. Be open to opinions that are differing from your’s. You can love them anyway.
  27. Do not marry in haste, long-distance rarely, if ever works.
  28. Keeping calm during chaos, being rational in the face of insurmountable problems is the only way you will get through. A gentle reminder that these are skills that one learns only by doing.
  29. Nurture personal relationships.
  30. You can be good at more than one thing and do them simultaneously, as well.
  31. Never let a label limit your potential or aspirations in any way. I was a humanities student, but have co-founded multiple failed and successful tech ventures.
  32. Do not be scared of failing or thinking about how it will come across. There are people who know less than you, yet are projecting themselves as experts just because they are able to believe in themselves more.
  33. Always keep learning — that is the only way to stay relevant, healthy and amazing in this dynamic world.
  34. Speak to new people, not everybody has to become a close friend but be open to the idea of knowing new people.
  35. Perseverance does conquer all but it hurts like a hammer striking you again and again.
  36. It is easier to stand by the consequences when the choices made, had been made by you.
  37. Nobody else is responsible for your joy, mindset, place in life.
  38. Learn to speak up and stand up for yourself, despite the fear.
  39. It is good to have a travel bag ready for spontaneous trips or getaways.
  40. Make it a point to take a break, however short.
  41. Have boundaries, personally and professionally.
  42. Learn to say no.
  43. Be clear in your communication. This helps a lot with expectation management- and leads to a lesser number of conflicts.
  44. Trauma will scar you and you will be able to put yourself together, as well. Your brain is a wonderful thing and will warp out and blackout memories that would be too painful to re-hash, keep them that way. Believe in your mind’s power to heal and re-calibrate, but always know that reaching out for further support is a sign of strength.
  45. Less is, at times, more.
  46. Follow what you know is right for you. Your heart and soul, know. Do not ignore your gut.
  47. Stop taking offence to the little things. Choose your battles.
  48. Be mindful. It passes all too soon.

Well, that is that.

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