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My Mistakes as a Founder Post-Fundraising

Raising funds for your startup marks a pivotal moment, a testament to the potential investors see in your vision. However, the celebratory phase is often short-lived, and the subsequent journey can be a treacherous one filled with pitfalls. Today, I want to share some personal mistakes I made after fundraising and finding a semblance of […]

The flip side of entrepreneurship- The negatives enumerated.

A little bit of fair warning, I would not be doing anything else but what I am doing,now- hustlin’. Take this in the right spirit for every coin has 2 sides and I have tried to show you the flip,as well. Always remember,that no matter what you read- the only thing that can propel you […]

Don’t compromise on your mental health, fellow entrepreneur.

Nobody and nothing is bigger than you. This is something that I have felt very strongly about since the time I started battling depression, anxiety and insomnia for the second time in my life. A general sense of anxiety and stress has become of a part and parcel of almost everyone’s life — But I can speak […]

If you had to do it over — will you?

Choosing entrepreneurship, a thousand times over. People choose entrepreneurship in under different set of circumstances. People tend to glorify the idea of entrepreneurship as the be all and end all of all freedom. They are not entirely wrong. Several years, ago I had written a piece about the flip side of entrepreneurship. This time around, I […]

Learnings: After 850,000 users on ETHX.

I have been fortunate enough to be a part of an awesome team and an even better product — ethx. For the uninitiated ethx is creating a decentralised economy and internet — by developing an internet based on value. We are creating a complete blockchain suite — which would enable users to get the real advantages of this amazing […]